UK Health and Security Agency - Test and Trace

Client: UKHSA
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Helping local authorities during a pandemic

Our consultants have spent 6 months working with a fantastic team at UKHSA, on a number of initiatives. One aspect was researching and visualising lessons learnt from Surge testing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This involved:

  • Shaping discussion guides
  • Articualting pain touchpoints
  • Running ideation sessions
  • Working with PM to assist impact mapping and prioritisation
  • Creataing value proposition canvases and jobs to be done

They were also was involved in a discovery around how local authorities received stock and funding during the pandemic. Identifying best practice, and shaping service patterns that could be used in emergency situations, beyond pandemics.

a graphic showing a COVID-19 digital service

This involved:

  • As is and to be service blueprinting
  • Ecosystem mapping
  • Running ideation workshops
Services rendered:
  • Service blueprinting
  • Measurements for success
  • Running ideation workshops
  • Creating service ecosystem maps

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