Your lean human centered design partner

A dynamic digital partner, solving real problems for your business and it's users, while balancing the human needs, business needs and impact on our planet.

Design specialist, with solid technical understanding

We have experience desiging and supporting developement, and happy to partner with development teams to design and build digital solutions.

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Service Design

Expertise in service design, for some really complicated gnarly problems users face in government.

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Interaction Design

Our consultants have over 15 years experience working on the highest profile services in use by the public.

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Design sprints

We help clients understand the right problem, and help set up and facilitate the sprints, providing tangible design artefacts at the end of the process.

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At TAKT, we focus on lean simple solutions that work for everyone.

Inclusive design

Digital services shouldn't leave anyone behind, and we believe that desiging inclusive services makes experiences better for all users.

Beyond human-centrered design

Desiging services to meet user needs is crucial, but balancing that with needs of the planet is vital if we want to create sustainable long term solutions.


Collaborative design leads

We focus on delivering design leadership across digital services. Design is most effective when carried out in collaboration, whether thats co-desiging with users, sketching with internal teams, working with product owners to visualise a services strategy. Sharing design helps us remove the risk of bias, especially in remote teams.

TAKT is a collective of design and product experts, with GDS experience in both assesments and assessing services.

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