The new year - 2023

As we move into a new year, what will I do more of, less of or cut out completely. I'm trying to phrase this not as New Year Resolutions, but who am I trying to kid... thats pretty much it!


I've always been interested in film and cinematography. I've created a number of corporate films before, however would love to create a documentary at some point. Could 2023 be the year I do it, not likely but heres hoping!

More of

I hope to do more design, this year. An odd thing to say for a Service Designer, however recently I've wanted to get closer to the projects I work on, and ultimately closer to its users. Over the last 12 months much of the work I've done has been quite strategic. I'm looking forward to a couple of new projects I'm about to begin, which will be very much in the detail!

I've recently got back into running, primarily just at park runs but really enjoy it. Feel free to follow me on strava Strava.

Also would like to play more basketball. Me and a few other dads from school have set up an informal basketball training session for other busy people who can't commit to formal league matches. View more at Lichfield Legends - very much work in progress!

I also look forward to more photography this year. I do take a lot of images, but keen to take less images but better photographs. Managing the 10,000's of images is becoming laborious.

Less of

I'd like to cut down on my sugar intake. I always feel loads better when I cut it down. Lots more energy and generally lighter!

I hope to be a tad less attached to my phone. I'm guilty of checking emails and slack and also writing long emails on phones. Also hoping using my standalone camera more will keep me from distractions on my phone.

Cut out

I've very rarely on social media, Twitter and Mastadon are the exception. Almost never on Facebook, Instagram etc.. so I hope to cut out facebook, instagram and other visual first social media channels, as the lack of context with the imagery often skews perception.